Department of Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy is a branch that is mainly concerned with the study of drugs obtained from the natural sources like plants, animals, minerals, marine and microorganisms. It also comprises phytochemical screening, extraction, isolation and herbal drug formulation based on academic syllabus. The department aims at studying of various ethnomedical practices and standardization of various formulations used in the different indigenous systems of treatment like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani etc. We have a well maintained Medicinal garden with over 50 varieties of medicinal plants, most of which are rare or endangered species. The drug museum in the department has numerous crude drugs and herbariums. Our department encourages exploration of natural medicines and herbal technology by visiting Herbal industries and Universities.
The Department has the following advanced instruments and equipments for various Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Studies.
• UV Cabinet
• Clavenger apparatus
• Muffle Furnace
• Heating Mantles
• Hot air oven
• Chromatographic columns of various sizes
• Rotary Evaporator
• Chromatography chambers
• Rotary Shaker
• Pathological binocular microscope
• Soxhlet extractors
• Compound and simple microscope
Mr. Karthik R

Mr. Karthik R

Assistant Professor & HOD

M. Pharm.
11.5 years of experience
Mrs. Shabana

Mrs. Shabana

Assistant Professor

M. Pharm.
7 years of experience