Principal’s Message

Dr.Mohammed Naseeruddin Inamdar


Feel highly privileged to be a part of East West College of Pharmacy & East West Family. I’m journeying in the midst of committed management of ethical values, devoted staff and students, which gives a mighty strength to contribute more and more for the welfare of the institution.

The spotlight of the Institution is to empower students with knowledge, wisdom, and training in the field of pharmacy both at the academic level as well as in the highly competitive global market. The infrastructure, amenities and state-of-the-art equipment pooled with talented and enthusiastic faculty members contribute to an enjoyable and an easy learning experience.

Our mission is to groom the students into rational thinkers, skilled workers and spiritually upright individuals with ethical values. The institution has the freedom of having a vigorous, pleasant and wealthy environment in honing and toning the future of students.

The atmosphere is conducive to higher learning, comforting & gives a sense of belonging to everyone in EWGI. This feeling makes the entire staff & students zealous in their professional growth & academic excellence which in turn, enriches the process of learning and prepares the Alumni to face professional challenges in all walks of life and shine in their future careers.

The holistic approach of the institute stimulates originality among students by inspiring new ideas with different point of views, logical thinking to trigger for true success. Apart from academic activities, the college emphasizes on co-curricular, extra-curricular, sports, cultural and social-service activities to transform the life of students in all measures.