East West Group of Institutions

Team AMRITHA of EWCP NSS unit organized World Nutrition Day “a day dedicated in highlighting the importance of nutrition in maintaining healthy life”. This day was oriented more towards the healthy food for fighting the nutritional deficiency diseases such as Malnutrition.

This programme was conducted on 27th May 2022 at Government Kannada higher primary school located in Ankayyanapalya Madapatna.

The programme aimed to check the malnutrition and to create awareness about the various nutritional foods that needs to be consumed on daily basis for fighting various nutritional deficiency diseases. Awareness was created with the aid of placards, drama, speech etc.

EWCP NSS team had also conducted the BMI (Body Mass Index) Assessment for knowing the status of malnutrition of the students.

The programme ended with the distribution of sprouts salad, pencils and books to the students studying there.